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(10/15/1998•09:25) Xena Costume [edit]Archive Message 
by Gina Lipman

I have wanted to be Xena for Halloween for 2 years! I really need someone who is willing to make the costume for me since I have no craft/sewing ability at all! If anyone is willing to make this for me or knows where I can get a good Xena costume, please let me know.

(10/23/1998•13:22) Me too [edit]Archive Message 
by Gail

If you find someone please let me know

(12/20/1998•16:58) here is an idea [edit]Archive Message 
by okiebill47

go to http://www.hightower.demon.co.uk/xena.htm

and you will find what you are looking for their the costume looks very authentic

(02/12/1999•06:50) xena [edit]Archive Message 
by pippy longstocking

i don't have any xea stuff for you sorry

(10/14/2002•16:17) Here's a website [edit]Archive Message 
by Dani

If you want to get a real authentic (very real) Xena costume that could actually be mistaken for the real thing, it's gonna be really expensive, but if you're willing to put the money up for it, I've got the perfect site. Just go to www.toddscostumes.com. I was definitely impressed and coming from me, (even though you don't know me) really says a lot. Happy hunting!

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