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(10/15/1998•11:34) outer space [edit]Archive Message 
by esme

how do I dress up as a space girl or an alien? HELP!!!!!!

(10/15/1998•14:57) You will need to be a bit more specific... [edit]Archive Message 
by William Yu

...The Sci-Fi genre is huge and there are countless permutations on how space girls/aliens look. If you can state what you imagine the costume will be, perhaps we can help you here.

(10/27/1998•11:35) okay [edit]Archive Message 
by esme

My friend is throwing a dance, he wants me to be a 'Space Cadet' something not too trippy, cute, and feminine. Is that specific enough?

(10/30/1998•01:34) Space cadet [edit]Archive Message 
by William Yu

Ok. The idea in my mind is the outfits used on Babylon 5. To start, rent a modernish military costume, with a few sci-fi gadgets, you can makde a pretty good space cadet. Add a ray gun. Sew a few geometric logos made of some silvery material. Rip out some old electronic/computer parts and attach them to a small area of the outfit.

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