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(02/25/2003•02:44) helmet project [edit]skorpio 
somebody help me out before I take a pickaxe to this thing. I'm making a robot-type helmet for a class. I've got the basic thing made out of cardboard. I tried covering it with plaster and it cracked and all kinds of junk. What can I put over the cardboard to get a smooth, carveable suface that can be painted too?

(03/06/2003•16:54) helmet project [edit]wyu 
Don't put plaster over it as the first coat. You need something else that will give it strength and keep the helmet from flexing which cracks the plaster. What I do is one coat of paper mache first, fill in with padding (e.g. paper + masking tape) and then another coat over that. That then lets you put the plaster on.

(04/11/2003•10:51) helmet project [edit]Vladimyr 
Try using Bondo to cover the helmet. It's the fiberglass puddy they use to fill holes and such for autobody repair. It's great for use in making costume armor.

You can get it at WalMart in the automotive or any auto supply store.

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