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(05/12/2003•15:57) She-Ra costume [edit]Artemis 
I want to make a She-Ra costume, but am confused about the cape. In every picture I've been able to find, the cape seems as if it isn't attached to anything. I want the costume to be as true to the cartoon as possible, so does anyone have an idea on how to accomplish this?

(05/13/2003•13:40) She-Ra costume [edit]kman 
ya know know that collar choker thing she is wearing? Well perhaps her cape is atached to that.

(09/10/2004•00:30) She-Ra costume [edit]dutnam 
I believe the choker is right.

however...Per the Wizard World She-Ra exclusive action figure from Mattel ('04)....the choker forms into a small back plate that covers the cape, also the cape comes over her shoulders and connects into the gold wings on her breast plate. There was a VERY HOT girl there dressed as She-Ra and her costume was done just like the figure. I have a picture....Thank God...I have a picture.

(09/20/2004•09:43) She-Ra costume [edit]Senz79 
I was She-Ra last year for Halloween and I just used the gold choker for my cape attachment. The She-Ra action figure from the 80's had the cape attached that way as well.

(09/23/2004•17:00) She-Ra costume [edit]Michelle 

(10/08/2004•09:03) She-Ra costume [edit]Slim 
I want to go as She-Ra also...but don't have much to go from....
would it be possible to send me the pic you have?!? I would be a great help!
my email addy is TheLuchy@gmail.com.

(10/25/2004•20:06) She-Ra costume [edit]Greenlove 

(10/25/2004•20:30) She-Ra costume [edit]Greenlove 
I want to see pics too.

I've taken up the task of making a She-ra costume and realized I have no time to add the detail I need.

Can I take a look at yours

(03/13/2005•18:11) She-Ra costume [edit]Jsummer 
Does any one have a SHE-RA costume design?? I want to make but dont know where to start ?? pics would be fantastic

(03/30/2005•16:28) She-Ra costume [edit]princess-trai 
hi, i too am wanting to make a she ra costume,if ny one has any ideas or pics i wud be grateful, u can contact me on princess-trai@hotmail.co.uk x thank u xxxx

(05/18/2005•22:25) She-Ra costume [edit]AllySterling 

(07/01/2005•11:14) She-Ra costume [edit]MidnightStorms 
Has anyone begun this? I'm also thinking of being She-Ra for halloween... Has anyone created any of her armor? What about the sword? I'd like to ultimately create a sword that's "jewel" will light up with a button toggle or some sort.

I've been reading about paper mache helmets in the forum and was wondering if anyone has considered this for the creation of her headpiece?

(08/07/2005•19:15) She-Ra costume [edit]blucanary 
Oh my goddness, I have wanting to be She-Ra for years. May I PLEASE see your pictures?


(08/28/2005•15:14) She-Ra costume [edit]olsonk108 
Can I please get pictures for ideas? My twin brother and I are dressing up as She-Ra and He-Man for Halloween, isn't that great?! olsonk108@seattleu.edu

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(09/15/2005•21:10) She-Ra costume [edit]jb 
I would also love to see pics. I dont know where to begin. thanks. jenniferlynn_824@freakz.com

(09/17/2005•15:24) She-Ra costume [edit]Shira80 
I need to be She-ra this year for Halloween but have no sense of creativity whatsoever...does anyknow know a place I can get a She-ra costume or have someone make it for me?

(09/19/2005•14:46) She-Ra costume [edit]lovelykates 
Hi! Im in the same boat as everyone else. I want to be She-ra for Halloween but can't seem to find any sort of costume. Any suggestions? I'm totally willing to make it or buy it. Misskatiehall@Yahoo.com

(09/19/2005•18:00) She-Ra costume [edit]jaycee 
I'd like to see these pictures to (lilchooch22@hotmail.com). I REALLY want to be She-Ra this year, but need some ideas to help me out. Thanks!

(09/26/2005•16:10) She-Ra costume [edit]cor782 
If ANYONE has any pictures of an actual person dressed as She-ra for Halloween, please send them to me. I need to figure out how to make this costume!



(10/01/2005•21:49) She-Ra costume [edit]buttercreme25 
I am wanting to go as she-ra as well. I would love any help on the costume!!! My email is buttercreme25@yahoo.com. My cousin is having a halloween party and is going to be skeletor!!!

(10/05/2005•14:15) She-Ra costume [edit]bellum1202 
PLEASE PLEASE tell me how to be She-Ra...she's my all time favorite. I'll take pictures, ideas, or buy a costume. Thanks! you can email me at bellum1202@hotmail.com

(10/11/2005•19:08) She-Ra costume [edit]sarahliz_will 
I love She-Ra!! She is my favorite and I am going to be her for Halloween. I want the costume to be perfect. Could anyone send me pics of costumes or anything to help. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thank you very much.


(10/21/2005•19:05) She-Ra costume [edit]jenn 
At the risk of being redundant, I plan to be She-ra for Halloween also, Having a hell of a hard time finding the belt and shield any suggestions?

(10/22/2005•10:14) She-Ra costume [edit]tracalle 
I am working on my She-ra costume. I first bought a bolt of white "prom-dress" material. I used an old mini skirt and cut it apart to make a pattern for the bottom of the costume. For the top I bought a white stapless bra (the long kind that goes down over your stomach) I used that as a pattern for the top then sewed the fabric right to the bra. Cut the design for the front of the outfit from vinal (each "petal" seperate,and cut the wrist cuffs and belt from the same vinal. I spary painted them with metailic spary paint. I will try to fabric glue the design to the top and glue a blue gem to the center. I also spray painted an old pair of tall boots with the gold, They look so good my husband accused me of going shopping and hiding them in the garage so he wouldn't see them! I used pipe cleaners to make the shape of the head-dress then covered it with paper mache. I am working on my second attempt, it looks good so far. I am planning on trying spackeling to make it smoother, and then spray paint it metalic gold. I have this really cool metalic red fabric that I am making my cape out of, I plan on attaching it to the chocker. I am using a sword that I bought from Halloween USA, spray painted. I will try to take some pic's tonight if anyone wants to see them.

(10/23/2005•19:44) She-Ra costume [edit]isusuperman 
Hi, I am actually making myself the he-man or skeletor costume and trying to make my fiance' a she-ra costume. If you do take pictures of what you have made will you please send me some so i can get an idea. The only real life pics were of a mattel model. That was under She-Ra image search. Thanks for any help you can give.

(10/24/2005•19:06) She-Ra costume [edit]sula_wang 
I also need this photo of She-Racostume, if anyone have, please Email it to me,thank you very much.

(10/26/2005•09:48) She-Ra costume [edit]SoonrMeg 
Hello. May I please have the pic of your She-Ra costume? I love that you've spent so much time on it. It sounds fabulous to me! Thanks! meganmilner@ou.edu

(10/26/2005•16:37) She-Ra costume [edit]SBee 

Don't laugh!! Pictures from a couple years ago. I made both costumes...they were pretty awesome but definitely room for improvement. I didn't put the red oval on my headpiece...but aside from that...I think my headpiece was the best part

(10/31/2005•03:51) She-Ra costume [edit]KELLY 
Hi, I'm going to a fancy dress party and really want to go as she-ra but can't find a fancy dress outfit anywhere. do you still have the gold ears that you made as they look really good, would you sell them to me? i'd be happy to post them back to you after the party? or could you direct me anywhere to get she-ra accessories?

many thanks kelly

(10/31/2005•09:53) She-Ra costume [edit]shirreffhall 
can anyone send me pics of there she-ra costume i am totally confused on how to make it!! i am sooo not creative thanks!

(10/31/2005•09:53) She-Ra costume [edit]shirreffhall 
my e-mail is katiemorton4@msn.com please THANK YOU!!!!

(11/11/2005•04:40) She-Ra costume [edit]sarahc 
sorry to repeat everything everyone has said any chance someone can send me a pic of a she-ra costume. I'm desperate to go for new year. thanksxxxx sarahc2306@hotmail.co.uk

(11/11/2005•12:58) She-Ra costume [edit]Lolo 
Please please can you send me pictures..or does anyone have any information where I can buy a costumer or the accessories????

My email is lorraineloughran@hotmail.com

Thanks, Lorraine

(11/17/2005•05:44) She-Ra costume [edit]Pink Lady H 

(11/17/2005•05:45) She-Ra costume [edit]Pink Lady H 
You people are freaks! get out of my head! I'm the real she-ra! hee hee! and i thought i was being really original!
I guess i'll just have to go as Dogtanian instead!

(09/01/2006•08:40) She-Ra costume [edit]gerbil 
Hi, there seems to be a lot of she-ra addicts, I would like a costume for my works Christams party but am useless at clothes making, I dont suppose anyone who has made one of these costumes and is a size 8/10 (uk size) would concider selling or hiring their costume to me. If not do you have a pattern and i could try and get one made. Ihave tried fancy dress shops but this kind of costume is hard to get hold of and in all honesty too expensieve for my budget. Hope some one can help.
Many thanks

(09/11/2006•18:12) She-Ra costume [edit]Kiki 
Looking for help with Shera costume. I can sew, but I need a pattern. Any help?

(10/02/2006•19:14) She-Ra costume [edit]mandeeashlee 
If someone could please e-mail me a couple pics of a good looking she-ra costume I would be forever greatful. I need a starting point.


Thank you in advance

(10/30/2006•09:15) She-Ra costume [edit]Lickadeesplit 
Here is my she-ra costume. It turned out great.

(Message edited on 10/30/2006 09:25:15 by Lickadeesplit)
(06/12/2007•10:19) She-Ra costume [edit]claeast 
Hey all, desperately want a she-ra costume. Don't even have an event lined up but go to loads of fancy dress things and i need a she-ra costume! Does anyone know where I can buy one for relatively cheap as am poor student or give me tips on how to make all the bits? E-mail is claeast@yahoo.co.uk. Cheers x

(06/27/2007•13:55) She-Ra costume [edit]JeffMan 
What parts do you need help on, This is the first time i have ever heard of She-ra. So if you could help me on what part of the costume that you need help on

(08/15/2007•11:06) She-Ra costume [edit]cat 
can someone send me pics? catherine.mclean@npower.com

(09/11/2007•10:00) She-Ra costume [edit]glittergirlpa 
I would love to see some She-Ra Costume ideas as well, along with any He-Man ones!

Thanks in advance!


(09/18/2007•20:08) She-Ra costume [edit]Cutes 
I'm also trying to buy of make a she-ra costume... my 29th bday is on halloween so i want it to be somewhat special and a She-Ra costume would make it great.. so if you guys know of where to get her costume or her gear please email me at: SCUTES313@YAHOO.COM - or any ideas on how to make it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

(10/05/2007•21:14) She-Ra costume [edit]amandab 
I'm in the same boat as everyone else. I'm looking for a She-Ra and He-Man pattern or costume. If anyone has suggestions, I'd appreciate the help. amandab_ucd21@hotmail.com Thanks!

(10/09/2007•22:05) She-Ra costume [edit]Rose 
I have real authentic she-ra dolls I bought in bulk. You can buy one to help you make your custume if it's not too late.Just e-mail me and let me know whether or not you want one....


(10/12/2007•20:12) She-Ra costume [edit]lappyd 
I am also going as She-ra this year. For my costume we printed a picture of her off of the internet and then kept blowing it up on the copy machine. We used that for the head piece and the center part on her dress. For the dress I bought the Marilyn Monroe dress and then cut it short and sewed the wings on the side of the halter part. If anyone wants pictures, email me!

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