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(09/24/2003•10:04) Medusa Headpeice [edit]Paula 
I have wanted to be Medusa for the last several Halloweens, but can't quite figure out how to make the headpeice to my satisfaction. The main thing is that I do not want to wear a hat or a wig. Ideally I would like to have snakes woven in and out of my own hair (which is somewhat short and dark). I have some ideas on how to make the snakes (but would like to hear any other ideas anyone has, especially something light weight and pliable), but am still struggeling with how to attach them to my head. My brother suggested getting one of the nets that sometimes go over army helmets. I did get one, but I'm not sure how well it will work. I would welcome any ideas on how to make the snakes, and especially on how to get them intertwined with my own hair (without falling down or out).

(09/29/2003•20:34) Medusa Headpeice [edit]Ems 
One possibility: Go to your local beauty school. some of those girls are amazing at weaving ribbons, faux snakes, or whatever into hairdos. They only charge like ten bucks, and chances are they'll show you how to do it.

(10/12/2003•22:54) Medusa Headpeice [edit]Bootiful 
I've struggled with this idea too, but I have an advantage of long hair. I've usually don't like the commercial Medusa wigs that I've seen, and the ones I do like were very heavy and expensive. Maybe this is the year!

My idea (not yet tested) was to get a wig and cut enough holes to pull my own hair through where desired. Then: 1. pull some of my own hair through a hole, 2. insert a thin pipe cleaner about 1" into the hole and under the fabric of the wig to anchor it (maybe pin it at the base?), 3. wet and gel the hair, 4. wind the hair around the pipe cleaner, and spray it the desired color. Hopefully when dry, I could then bend and shape the "snakes." It sounds like a mess to take out, doesn't it?

The wig would help to anchor the snakes in place, and could even be a cool contrasting color. If you try this, please post if any of this works, or what finally did!

The other idea I had involved fat, non-painted pipe cleaner snakes attached to a headband or headbands. I eventually abandoned this one, since headbands are pretty unstable; I didn't think I could get an effect that I'd be happy with.

(10/14/2003•13:15) Medusa Headpeice [edit]Paula 

(10/14/2003•13:33) Medusa Headpeice [edit]Paula 
I have actually started to work on my headpiece and I think I have a workable idea. I went to an elaborate sewing and craft store and bought a plain wedding crown type headpiece (they sell this for people who want to make their own wedding headpiece). I spray painted it black. Then for the snakes I bought a few different things. I got several skinny rubber snakes and 2 larger ones at a joke shop. Then I found a cool rubber cobra in a toy store. Also, now this may sound weird, but it looks really good: I got a bunch of big foam green beans at Michael's Craft store (they are shaped such that one end looks like a snakes head),and I spray painted them black. Also at Michael's I got a small pakage of Bedazzle little silver roundish things (like a tiny little rivet) that I stabbed into the green bean snakes to make eyes. These snakes really look good. Oh yea, when I spray pained the green bean snakes, I left the bottom unpainted, cause snakes bellies are usually lighter. Now to attach the buggers to the headpiece I have several ideas that I have been fooling around with on and off. I borrowed a glue gun and was going to wrap the big snakes around the perimter of the crown, with their heads near the center of the crown (middle of my forehead) and glue them on with the glue gun, but I found that I can stick a peice of wire (that I got at the sewing/craft store and also spray painted black) through part of the snake to shape it how I want it and I can use another piece of the wire to anchor them to the crown. I also plan to put the Cobra in the very center. That takes care of the snakes that will be attached to the perimeter of the corwn. As for the skinny rubber snakes, I have not worked on them yet, but I think I can glue them to black pipe cleaners so I can shape them, and I have not yet worked out how I will attach them to my hair. For the green bean snakes, I bought some tiny little metal butterfly hair clips (tiny mini banana clip type things) at Claire's. I plan to spray paint them black. I find that I can attach the green bean snakes to the clips with the wire (there are holes on each side of the butterfly wings that allow me to tye in the snakes with the wire. Then the clips will attach to my hair. I think they will hold. I tried on a bunch of different clips while I was in Claire's, to see what was the most secure. The ones I got seem to be pretty stable and I tested it with one of my snakes. I think they will hold (at least for most of the night). I get my hair cut on a regular basis (every 4 weeks) and as it turns out, I am getting my hair cut on Halloween. I was going to ask my hair guy (who I have been going to for many years) if he would do my headpiece for me an attach all my snakes in the middle, but when I was telling my hair colorist lady, she volunteered. She is really into Halloween (always comes to the salon in costume around Halloween, always decks out her house, etc). So, I think this is gonna be preety good.

(08/14/2004•15:45) Medusa Headpeice [edit]Catmean 
What an excellent idea... I went the easiest route I could think of, I bought several dozen pre wired bendable snakes, about 8" long each, spray painted them gold, and wound them around strands of my hair.. then wound them around each other.. It was a little weighty, but held fine all night through dancing, etc.. I used it like those bendy hot rollers to make your hair curly.. I have black hair and the gold on black effect was nice. With a black thrift store dress trimmed in greek key trim.

(08/18/2004•22:47) Medusa Headpeice [edit]caitlin 
I was medusa 2 years ago and what I did was I went to a halloween store and got a load of snakes (toy store was out). I cut them in half and put wire through them (hangers didnt work so well for me, I had to get softer wire at the hardware store). This was a pain and you could hurt yourself if your not carefull. I got a head band and hot glued the snakes to it. My snakes were rather large and if I didnt cut them in half it didnt look so good when I put it on but if you have smaller ones maybe it will work. I have a picture here of my headpiece. It is crooked and my hair is showing when its not supposed to be because my friend made me put it on real fast and take a picture and I didnt bother to see if it was on right. :P

(08/18/2004•22:49) Medusa Headpeice [edit]caitlin 
Sorry! Didnt mean to make it so big. Yikes!

(08/23/2004•07:54) Medusa Headpeice [edit]daisy75 
I would also like to dress up as Medusa. How many snakes should I buy? What length?

(08/28/2004•23:10) Medusa Headpeice [edit]ewokman 
i would suggest getting 10-15 snakes. That would look good!

(09/27/2004•18:23) Medusa Headpeice [edit]deadspider 
I am currently working on a medusa costume, and will post you a pic when it's done.

I have 60 snakes, and will probably use them all. (but not all in the hair) They range in size from little 3 inchers to a couple big 2 footers. I painted them ALL in gold, lite gold and copper tones, in acrilic paint.
For my hair, I bought some of those 'fake hair' extension thingys you can get at dollar stores, and glued them to a headband, and also to a tiara (spray painted gold, with snakes glued all over the crown area of tiara), and I am currently tying snakes all thru the hair. The hairpieces are very simialr to my own hair colour, and will blend well.

I made a greekish (hee hee) dress from a big peice of material after looking on line at numerous pictures, and will attach more snakes to it.

Dramatic make-up, fake eyelashes and gold toned skin to match the snakes is next on supply list.

(10/17/2004•05:36) Medusa Headpeice [edit]Elsie 
well i am medusa in a play at scholl and costume really does matter!!! ive been looking all over the inernet and i couldn't find anythiing suiotable! i havent got a clue what to do !!! could someone give me a step by step guide to make the hairpeice

(10/19/2004•07:43) Medusa Headpeice [edit]HalloweenQueen 
I can't find bendable, pre-wired snkaes anywhere, and my party is saturday!!! I have about 12 half snakes, but they are hard and in an s shape.... any ideas?

(10/19/2004•11:47) Medusa Headpeice [edit]shilo322 
I have been Medusa for 3 years running now...changing to something new this year! I used the rubber snakes from the toy store, took a hair net and cut slits in it and "wove" the snakes through. Good Luck!

(10/22/2004•06:34) Medusa Headpeice [edit]chent 
I used a wig (purchased on clearance last year for $1--yippee), spraypaint, and Sculpey.

I formed the Sculpey around some thin, flexible wire (leaving a long section of wire exposed), shaped the head of the snake and added eyes. For the skin texture, I pressed one of my kids' rubber snakes along the Sculpey. Then I bent and twisted each Skulpey snake differently. The longest snake was about 8 inches long.

I baked the Skulpey snakes, and wove them into the wig (hair chopped sloppily and teased to give it a wild look). When finished, I spraypainted the whole thing green, with some black to add depth.

The snakes can be twisted to stick out at any angle once you put the wig on--so I can "adjust" them to look more dramatic.

The only thing I still need to do is to paint some lighter detail color on some of the snakes.

I will paint the edges of my face near the wig with green, grey, and tan paint applied with a sponge. I'll blend down to my natural skin. I think it'll look pretty good! I also wanted to try to paint some eyes on my eyelids that appear to be like the "Medusa stare" that will turn people to stone.

(10/23/2004•00:40) Medusa Headpeice [edit]deadspider 
I think if you are looking a make a headpiece, try to go as lite weight as possible. I am using only a few clip on hair pieces to add to my natural hair, and tied -a million it seems- snakes into the fake hair. I then took some of the snakes and added bobby pins and clips to then to add after my hair is done.(and even with just a few 'fake hair' peices, it is weighty) the cheap dollar store tiara and snakes on it help finish the hair. I think if you had a full wig it could get really heavy adding snakes. I have seen a few costumes that look as if they used those foam roller things to make your hair curly- only they've painted them all green before sticking them into their hair. Also seen some with a swim cap, covered in curled silver wires. looked kinda neat.

(10/25/2004•19:08) Medusa Headpeice [edit]The Mermaid 
I made a Medusa costume several years ago and figured out a great way to attach the snakes.

You will need a small 6" grapevine wreath, two wooden skewers, some duct tape and several strips of stretchy material.

I soaked the skewers in water overnight until they were pliable. I bent each into a U shape then fastened them together in a curved X shape (like a bowl) then secured that to the wreath by sticking the ends of the skewers into the wreath.

Wrap duct tape around the joints then completely cover all the wood by wrapping thin strips of any stretchy black material around it.(or you could match your outfit) Leave two strips loose to tie behind your head.

Now you have a cage you can fasten most of the snakes to in any way you want. I took my own hair and pulled it up into two high ponytails bringing them out thru the top. Tease your hair and finish by weaving a few more snakes through and around the cage.

You can make the headpiece pretty big because the wreath will balance on top of your head easily.

(10/26/2004•10:43) Medusa Headpeice [edit]kryssie_ann 
I think I have finally found the solution! I found this tube like ribbon at a craft store that resembles a chinese finger trap. I bought black and green pipecleaners and made snakes w/ heads. Slid these skinny snakes into the ribbon and pulled it tight and secured the two ends with string. On some I added red tounges sticking out. The ribbon was sort of see thru and had gold and silver intertwined in it already. I used puff paint to make some eyes for the snakes and secured them to the little hair claw clips. I wore part of it for a party 2 weeks ago and the snakes stayed put and were very light! In the process of making more Hope this helps someone!

(10/28/2004•07:31) Medusa Headpeice [edit]mommacp 
I finally found a way to tame the snakes. I bought a bunch of light weight rubber snakes, the lighter the better. i found a metal hair band with good grips to hold it in my hair. I spray painted it black. Using a medium gage floral wire, I threaded the wire through the snakes and wrapped the other end around the hairband to anchor them. I used about six snakes. I can pose them with the wire so they look like the are all through my hair. I will then create corkscrew curls in my hair to help hide the band. It looks pretty cool and was ultra easy once I figured it out.

(10/31/2004•13:12) Medusa Headpeice [edit]grt 
Braid your hair into thin braids. Get some telephone wires- you probably have some extra ones laying around, or you can buy an inexpensive wire somewhere- and strip off the plastic to get the copper wire. Wind the copper wire around all the braids, so that you can position them as you wish.
Not all snakes are green- this costume looks realistic even if you don't spray paint your hair. But you can if you want.
If braiding ALL your hair takes too much time and energy, it still looks realistic if you braid a few snakes on the top and leave the rest of your hair hanging.
If it still takes too much time, don't braid it- just wrap the wire around thin locks of hair. But this method won't be as stable.
You can find copper wire other places besides telephone wires- I just find them the most convient (maybe because I have fragments of telephone wires laying around my house). Any copper electrical wire- or any wire- will work as long as it holds the weight of you

(11/12/2004•08:02) Medusa Headpeice [edit]deadspider 
so I have some pictures and and explanation of how to put together a Medusa Costume, and someone was nice enuff to add it to her website for me. go to halloweenfear.com/medusa

(05/30/2005•18:23) Medusa Headpeice [edit]ellen 
WHAT IF I WAnt to use real snakes, about 3-4 real safe snakes, we have local snakes here called "garter snakes".. and use them with other rubber snakes, i really want to dominate my head with live curly ovely and creepy snakehead pice

(07/05/2005•17:38) Medusa Costume [edit]Sugarplanet 
Hey all. I finally got my Medusa Act together last Halloween and thought I would post my experience to help those of you who are considering this tricky costume.

After almost 2 years of thought on how to properly get the snake headpiece together, I decided that none of my actual hair could show--since Medusa didn't have any "real" hair. According to myth, her hair was simply composed of snakes. I shopped around for a wide, heavy duty fabric headband (not a plain elastic one--they are too stretchy and won't hold the snakes up well) as durable and strong as possible. I found headbands that were blue denim on one side and BLACK FAUX SNAKESKIN on the other, with the ends connected with a strong elastic. It was perfect! I sewed two of them together to create one big "scalp pice" and found I didn't really need the third one. It took me weeks to find appropriate snakes and I found the ones that I used online for 4.99 a dozen. I ordered three dozen. They are about 8 inches long and are already shaped to that "S" shape. I did pierce some thick guage floral wire (hobby lobby) through a few of them to give them a little extra life. I sewed the snakes head/tail/head/tail until my hands ached. I used a thick needle and some light plastic thread and just pireced it through the snake body and then just circled around the whole body with the thread a few times. I slicked my hair back into a tight ponytail/bun at the nape of my kneck. A bun keeps the headpiece on--you tuck the elastic from the headbands under it. I then put on a black wig cap (cutting about 7 inches of the feet out of black nylons/stockings also work fine), and made sure all my real hair was
tucked in nice and neat. A good dose of hair gel round the scalp helps keep your hair nice and tucked away in the cap all night.
I sort of did a "snake updo" to fill in the gaps where I got tired of sewing snakes. You can see the picture in my profile of how it came out!

For the rest of the costume, I bought some Incredible Hulk green body paint at a local costume shop (AWESOME, it washes right off and out of things and your skin feels dry but not at all uncomfortable). It will powder/dust off once dry onto certain things, so be careful what you do. It was snowing here in Colorado last Halloween, so I HAD to wear a black coat until I got inside the venue and green powder was all over it. Prepare ahead--lay plastic in your car seats and wear a machine washable coat. Do not follow the instructions on the Incredible Hulk paint and "sponge on" the paint. Simply smear it on yourself liberally. A little goes a long way and it's pretty cheap paint--maybe $7.00. You can see in my pic that it's blotchy around my chest. My friend just smeared it on me after that and it worked like a charm. Very even and VERY green! So, after spending 45 minutes sponging that stuff on me, we ended up just lathering it on and it came out totally perfect. I painted my entire body.

For the dress--well, that was just a white sheet that was twisted, safety pinned, and knotted in certain places to look like a strapless little toga-style number. I wasn't exactly comfortable in it because I didn't trust that at any second it wouldn't fall right off of me.

I got the necklace at a thrift shop and also had on other gothy/witchy jewewlery. I bought gold flat sandals at the thrift store and went to the fabric store and bought a few yards of gold elastic. I tied it through the sandals and criss crossed it all the way up my leg, to the top of my thighs and knotted them off in the back.

For the eyes, I got costume lenses online (disclaimer: this is hailed as being very dangerous without optician recommendation)and they cost about $50.00. WELL worth it, as I've worn them for other costumes since.
You can see just fine out of them all night and I have weird eye issues (my eyes are pretty sensitive to even a suggestion of sticking something in them), and I had never worn contacts before. After a few tries (and a contact lens-wearing friend to guide me), I got them in and had a great time with them.

So, I did get invited to join the costume contest, but lost out to a girl who had stapled fake flowers all over her hippie outfit and was an "Earth Goddess" ( I swear, that's all she did), but I felt some small satisfaction when audience members (this was a venue of about 500 people!) boo-ed the MC when he felt they didn't clap loud enough for me and asked me to leave the stage.

I will probably re-do Medusa this year (I don't know, though--my friend and I are doing Jay and Silent Bob), I want to sew on many more snakes to make it fuller and longer, and I also want to find/make the perfect dress--something grey/green and flowy. I'll post pictures if I do it again. Hope this info helped. The one thing I learned about taking on Medusa is that yo must have patience! This costume takes a lot of planning and time and that's not easy.Good luck!

(10/26/2005•23:33) Medusa Costume [edit]LindyLou 
I am going to be Medusa for Halloween this year as well. I wanted to share with everyone how I am making my costume. I have short black hair , so I went to the 1$ store and bought two packages of rubber snakes. I also bought a couple of packages of black bobby pins. I used a wide needle and thread thin wire through the belly of the snakes then I twisted the wire around the bobby pin very tightly, to make sure the snake wouldnt slip arouns while in my hair. Now I have a pile of snakes that just pin to my hair .. So , I can fix my hair to work with the snakes it was easy and didnt take a very long time to do it.. And best of all it was inexpensive. Around 5$ for the snakes and the bobby pins. Now I know all I have to do it curl my hair and pin the snakes in to crown my entire face. With them being bobby pins the placement is much easier and more where I want them .. I have tried my look on , and I think it looks great. I used only green and black snakes. I hope my idea on how to do the costume will help one of you with your costume.

(10/28/2005•23:40) Medusa Costume [edit]chrissy M 
What you do, for the medussa look, is weave the snakes in your own hair, like part of the braid. you know when you braid your hair, you use 3 strands? Well, one of those strands, is a snake, then just tie it up like it is your hair, at the ends, The snakes
will be actually a part of your braid so they are not going to fall out. I think if you use a netting, it wont look right.

(10/23/2006•13:16) Medusa Costume [edit]Athala 
http://www.hitentertainment.com/artattack/menu_artattacks.html That one's not pliable, but.. should be light weight..

or this one: http://www.hitentertainment.com/artattack/menu_artattacks.html

Could be made with smaller tubes.. (don't know what from though)...

Not sure about how to put them in your hair, though.

Good luck.

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