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(10/09/2003•15:52) Pippy Longstocking ... know where? [edit]AnAppleADay 

I'm looking for an adult Pippy Longstocking costume and I'm having no luck at all yet. Will keep looking, but if anyone's seen any floating around, can you please post it here? Thanks bunches & muches !

(10/28/2004•08:01) Pippy Longstocking ... know where? [edit]CRYSTAL 

(10/28/2004•16:10) Pippy Longstocking ... know where? [edit]mooshoo 
you can wear a dress and 2 socks that dont match then wrap pipe cleaners anound the braids if youre not a red head

(07/06/2005•09:10) Pippy Longstocking ... know where? [edit]Lois 
I made a fantastic costume for a friend of mine... we went to the local salvation army and bought 2 dresses. One with sleeve and roughtly knee length the other a sundress with straps. i cut the sundress to fit over kind of like a apron. Then from my leftover fabric pile I cut out differnt patches and began to sew them on to the dresses. For her hair (luckly she had long curly red hair) I bent a coat hanger to fit the top of her head and each end extending out about 7-8" I french braided her hair so you couldn't see the coat hanger. I added 2 bright red ribbons to her hair and got 2 miss matched knee socks and voila! costume only ran 10 bucks!

(11/05/2012•00:42) Pippy Longstocking ... know where┬? [edit]p7hercew 

(11/26/2012•11:48) Woolrichsit dq79zp83 [edit]XR02lwznl 

(12/28/2012•07:40) beats by dre france [edit]Pakeblave 

(04/12/2013•18:32) asics running [edit]Geociogieft 

(04/19/2013•13:33) asics running shoes 2013 [edit]Geociogieft 
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(03/05/2014•07:58) Nice Car Activities [edit]WilliamDund 
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