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(08/30/2004•17:02) headless knight costume [edit]desperate mom 
anyone with ideas (cheap) for an 8 yr old's costume. He wants to be a headless knight. I like the idea of soaking rawhide, but it seems to me that I would need 3-4 of them and we're looking at ~75-100.00 (for those big bones). Also, I don't know that I have enough time to make something that elaborate....help! I have failed miserably every year at "homemade" costumes!

(09/26/2004•09:51) headless knight costume [edit]KFelidae 
The simplest way to do it would probably be making a cardboard cutout for the armour, and having a viewing slit cut into the neck or chest.

Covering cardboard in a thin layer of Aleen's Tacky Glue will add strength, and when spraypainted, the glue makes the normally-dull-on-cardboard spraypaint come out quite shiny.


(10/29/2004•11:32) headless knight costume [edit]mark 
The easiest way to do it would be to take one of dads old dress shirts, a hanger and some towels and a coat. Take the hanger and stick it inside the shirt making a shoulder type look. add the towels underneath that to make a body type look. Button the shirt up with his head about 3 buttons up sticking out.put the coat on and button it up too. (make sure his hands are able to go through the sleeves). put white makeup on his face and give him a pillow for his hands to hold his head on. wallah. instant headless man (Sorry its not a knight)

(05/18/2005•19:34) headless knight costume [edit]zoro 
i sugest u try the basick armor with some modafacations of coat hainrers and sholderpads it worked for a headless horseman costume my firend made good luck

(07/31/2005•22:37) headless knight costume [edit]the_hunter 
lol this is pretty simple, I actualy wanted to do the same for myself, but I changed my mind (acept I was the headless horseman) you cut out some cardboard shoulders and stick toilet paper rolls or pipe on the shoulders, then add two cardboard squares to the said tubind/ toilet paper rolls and droop a cape over it that covers the rig up! I sugjest a dark red cape, for that haunted ghost look you cold rip it up!

(10/06/2005•10:12) headless knight costume [edit]momof4 
i know that they have pieces of fake armor at the dollar tree for one dollar. Maybe you could do something with that

(10/08/2007•16:40) headless knight costume [edit]loganallensmith 
Well, I'm only 13, but my dad and I are big halloween fans...
What I would first do is cut out some fake shoulders. (keep in mind I am this for this year and am building this ad I go). I used a small trick or treating pumpkin and cut that in half and glued that togeather with some foam inside.Then I have some fake arms.then tape that to your head. Use paper machie over the whole shoulders and a fake neck out of paper machie. the best mixture to use is a big bowl with warm water, baking soda, flour, some salt, and a hair dryer to dry it with. Then use some old black T-shirts, cut them up, and where those.cut a hole just big enough to see through andcover that with some black see thorugh fabric, if don't have any of that type of fabric then just paint your eyes with black eye makeup(note you will have to buy some fake armor at a store for around $10.00) wear the armor over top the black shirts. Then make a cape out of any fabric or color you would like.
There you have it a cheap and seemingly easy haedless knight cosyue....good luck and happy halloween!

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