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(08/31/2004•14:28) Some know how 2 make a predator costume i really need to know [edit]dude_man 
Can someone tell me how to make a predator costume step by step please!

(09/02/2004•20:44) Some know how 2 make a predator costume i really need to know [edit]ewokman56 
I have never made a predator costume but i ahve a pretty good idea on how to make one.
Step 1. First you have to find good material. Rubber or a stretchy fabric is good.
Step 2. Sew or duct tape the material to get your shape so it fits your body good.
Step 3. Make the mask out of cardbourd and curve it to fit your head and use an thick elastic to stay on your head (you may need a picture of the predator).
Step 4. The hair is like dangly bits of thick wool or string. Or you could stuff fabric and sew it so it looks like his hair.
Step 5: Use a good acrillic spray paint and use a dark colour for the back and use a pale cream colour for the front. Cut out eye hole and nose holes before you piant.
Step 6: You have finished the mask. Now take the body and use stuffing and put it around the mussels. Then fut fabris over that and sew or duct tape it up. Then use that paint you had for the back and front. And tada! You're done!

Hope that helps

I wonder why predator is such a popular costume?

(10/12/2004•21:41) Some know how 2 make a predator costume i really need to know [edit]Akira_Fudou 
well it al depends how far your willing to go, and how much your willing to spend, and how much time you fot. i researched and i devised my own method which takes plent y of time, creativity, and is as cheap as possible with awesome results. it is based on using automotive fiberglass which you can buy at autozone for like 25 bucks a gallon, any questions just ask. i am making my costume as we speak. if your interested just ask and for pics on my progress.

(10/15/2004•03:08) Some know how 2 make a predator costume i really need to know [edit]NinjaRyan 
I was a predato once for halloween... i got some car floor mats (rubber) for my legs. And the i made bracers one of which had an old TV clicker on it and some heavy camo netting covering my chest with a green t shirt on with some gloss stuff... and the for the hands and feet you can go to any halloween store and find that kind of stuff. Even the mask alone would look good aslong as it comes with the hair... even though they are coils.

Thats what i did hope it helps

(12/29/2004•20:00) Some know how 2 make a predator costume i really need to know [edit]DJDEPREDADORFAN77 
would like to know how to use the fiber glass stuff you get @ autozone I made a predator costume this year, but i used paper mache, this year I am planning on using fiber glass for the face plate....I got some pix available if anyone interested thyx

(06/05/2005•00:42) Some know how 2 make a predator costume i really need to know [edit]darkbladeclanpredator 
i would like 2 see those pics

(07/25/2005•10:06) Some know how 2 make a predator costume i really need to know [edit]Lukas 
ok so first off i say listen to ewok or buy a predator mask.

and predator usually has a pauldron or 2 so get a shoulder pad or 2 and if its black you should leave it or put duct tape on it then cut a biggish triangle on poster board and then fold it into a 3d triangle so it makes a spike and tape it so it stays together you can either duct tape the spike if your pauldron is duct taped or you can color it the color it is you can make as many spikes as you want and youll have a good pauldron.

and the armor is hard im making one though so im not really at that part but you can buy the predator gloves or just find some other gloves at home and to make the spikes or blades whatever get poster board and cut it into the blade shape and duct tape it all over then duct tape it to glove i suggest two on each glove or 1 on each.

and for the legs and arms buy some black shin pads that fit you buy a couple too if you cant find black then get any color and duct tape it all over and that goes for the legs and arms.

and the body use any rubber or like plexiglass and have it cut into a shape that fits your body well.

and i hope that helps

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(07/31/2005•22:24) Some know how 2 make a predator costume i really need to know [edit]the_hunter 
this is easy, 1 buy store bought glovse and mask 2 take makeup and customize a pattern of a skin tone.3 if you have a plastic moldy thhingy (if not, youd have to build one) and make armor you could use paper mache' and sand it down real good and paint it (like I do) and throw together some modified sandals, and youre the ultimate hunter! (by the way, if you make a mask, go to the store and purchase black rubber hose for dred locks, the mask should be platinum or bronse) good luck!

(10/21/2005•04:23) Some know how 2 make a predator costume i really need to know [edit]robbiefitz 
I have made mine this year and I realized that most importantly you must purchase a decent mask. The one from most halloween stores that is made of vinyl works well with some adjustments. If you are not an oaf, get the child size because they are very large. I have been told I have a big head and my adult size one is entirely too loose!! You can stuff a little xtra foam in there to stabilize it. Get some caulking rods from the hardware store (2.99 a pack) for the dreds. they are basically solid foam tubes and you can taper them with a knife. Spray paint them with glossy black paint and they look perfect. you can cut slits in the top and back of the mask and put them in there, then glue them in place. As for the body, If your in decent shape go to walmart and get one of those new stretchy athletic shirts like underarmor that cling to your body, (generic at wally's is like 9.00). put it on someone and do a little touchup with airbrush if you have it, if not you can use spray paint. Use a sharpie to get the black freckles.shade in the areas under the pecs to accentuate the muscles, also the abs. go to a retro shop or online and order a fishnet shirt for like 7.00 and slide it on over the body shirt. you can do the leggings the same as the shirt. Order some XS soccer shinguards that are kinda futuristic lookin' and spray them with gray and black for the shins. You can get some football shoulderpads online for like 30.00. remove one side and make a strp to go acrossed the chest. spray it gray and black as well. I used a 88cent toy ray gun for the laser, spray painted gray and black. mount it on the pads, attach a cable or hose. electrical conduit works well, (2.00). As for the gloves, it may sound dumb, but they came out better than the ones you can buy. Get some rubbermaid gloves from Wally's (the kind with fuzzy stuff inside to prevent sweating!) they are like 3.00. get some cheap halloween black press on nails (2.00) and krazy glue them on the fingertips while wearing the gloves. After they dry spraypaint them dark brown on the top side and tan on the under. use the sharpie again to add some freckles. depending on which predator you wanna be, you can wear a brown like loin cloth or make a codpiece from flexible foam pads, same with the leg armor. I did not make any feet because halloween came too quickly, I just wore my tactical assault boots. Find a cool realistic looking skull to hold or put on a necklace and your all set. Finally buy 3 of those 5.00 laser pointers from the flea market and tape them together to make a 3point target and either mount them in the laser place in the mask or in your cannon, and presto!! Get some yakbaks online for 4.00 and record some predator noises from the movies. you can put it in your mask or inside the skull. Most important TAKE YOUR TIME It will come out great!! I can send some pics if you want.

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