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(09/08/2004•10:18) Predator costume [edit]April 
I need help with the body of a predator costume. They sell the mask and hands everywhere. How can I complete the Predator look? Any ideas would greatly help! Thank you!

(09/09/2004•22:55) Predator costume [edit]dutnam 
OK, easy as pie, don't make it harder than it is...I've done a kick butt Skeletor costume and Boba Fett. This is almost the same costume with small differences

The Body:, depending on your budget you can either go to a dance studio and buy Spandex or Lycra, OR you can go to your local store and buy off white or tan sweats,(even white and dye them to the right color)...buy them a size or 2 too small so they are form fitting....get some foam rubber from the hobby store or walmart and cut into muscle pieces and stuff them into their respective places under the clothes.

Color: you can use Spray (latex paint) or get some acrylic (latex paint) from your hobby/craft store, If you own an airbrush, use it, if not get a spritz water bottle from your HBA dept of your local retailer, water down the paint and use the spritzer like an airbrush (PRACTICE on something else first to get the hang of it)....Spray the big details and Brush the small ones with a regular brush or stencil brush...

MESH: This method can vary...You can get a mesh body suit or at least stockings at Spencer, halloween stores, Adult Book/Video stores, Hot Topic...etc. You can find MESH in rolls at your craft/hobby store in varying sizes. OR, you can get some black nylon twine (the kind they make the spider webs out of at Halloween) and interweave it yourself. I also saw Halloween Capes made from this mesh at Walmart this year. Simply make a jumpsuit out of it to fit on top of your other suit.

Armor: This can be done easily a few different ways. Use newspaper to make your templates for your armor. You can get some heavy Vinyl at your Walmart, Hobby/craft store, material store. You can also use the $.33 cent "Foamies" they sell everywhere that come in colors. Cut shapes and use Super Glue to piece it together..(works very well)..it is also paintable. If you use vinyl you will have to sew it together.

Hands: You can buy the Predator hands this year but they might be too pricey for some. you may consider getting some cheap gloves from the dollar stores or some "Jerseys" from your retailer. Browse the Halloween section of your store and look for the Finger tips with the black fingernails. Cut a small hole in the tip of your glove and push the nail through. Superglue it in place and adjust to fit fingers. You may also look at typical Werewolf hands and strip the fur off of them and paint to match.

The Feet: For my costume I'm going to sew up some feet covers consisting of Monster Toes up to the arch, then covered from there to the ankle with Armor. The toes are going to be material stuffed with Polyfill, with Toenails attached as described in Hands section. toes will be painted to match skin, armor will cover shoe.

The Gaunts: This can be done a few ways. Use vinyl, foamies, or plastic and cut into strips and glue/sew into layers and roll up into gaunt. Sew, glue, velcro or use elastic to close gaunt. Even easier, get 2 32 oz plastic cups and cut out bottom. File/sand opening smooth, sand surface and paint.

the Glave Disk: You can get the "FOR SALE" plastic signs just about anywhere. Cut into a disk about the size of a frisbee and layer pieces until you reach desired depth. Foamies may add to this project as well.

The Bomb Pad: explore the Wood dept of your craft store, look for 2 piece of Rectangle blocks you can add a hinge to. Attach to left arm via screw (from underside up) or industrial Velcro. You can use your computer to print the face plate details, use laminating sheets to protect the ink when applying decals.

The blades: (non extending) get a block of wood that will fit on Right gaunt. Take plastic, foamies, or metal and cut out 2 blades. Drill and screw blades into small wood block accordingly. Cover block and blade shafts with plastic or foamie and attach with industrial velcro or screw from underside.

Gadgets: browse your local dollar and discount stores for small piece to add to your suit, Laser pointers, blinky lights, voice changers, spikes, bones and skulls.

Battle Damage: Asside from hacking at your armor for a damaged look, don't forget the Blood. You can get NEON/Dayglow/Glow in the dark Green paint at your hobby stores to add to your cuts and bullet holes. You can also find Glow in the dark spray in the halloween section for added effect.

everybody has their own flair and way of doing things, this is something everybody here can do in a weekend or 2. I recommend buying the mask in most situations, because if the head don't look right, the rest (no matter how good) will look cheap with a cheap mask. If you have a good mask, the rest is just spices.

(01/12/2008•15:47) Predator costume [edit]Predator king 
Hi I'm just wondering how much money is it to make that predator costume that you explained.
I'm also new at making a costume so I think that I will go with your idea but cousd you give me a ruff estamat of the price for making that costume.

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