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(09/27/2004•23:27) Skeletor costume help? [edit]WeezeL365 
I've got a few ideas for a Skeletor costume, but I was hoping to see what I could pry out of your minds first before I go and bunk something up on my own. I'm new to making my own costumes, and advice would be greatly apprciated, thanks.

(09/28/2004•20:37) Skeletor costume help? [edit]dutnam 
I did a kickbutt skeletor a few years back, took a lot of time and vinyl.....

Skull mask, scarier the better

Hood, I used a Purple Faceless ghoul mask and took out the black mesh face.

Body: Get some thin sweats, (Target has some right now already colored a dusk blue), and dye them with RIT dusk blue, Target also has black Brief underwear without a fly, perfect for batman style Drawers. Airbrush Muscles onto "SKIN" or take to professional.

Armor: I used purple vinyl I got at Joanne fabric, also used black vinyl I got at Walmart.....Sewed remarkably given it's thickness.. took Skull rings and removed the ring part, filled the backs with Hot glue and put them flat on Waxed Paper. When dried I painted them bronze and Screwed them to the "ROMAN" skirt on the bottoms. Used plastic bones and a Christmas ornament for the Chest decor. I also went to HOT TOPIC and got various SPIKES (I was doing the NEW skeletor from the 03 series), just drill a hole in the vinyl and put screw (included) through hole, screw spike into place. awesome.

Get some nice werewolf feet and remove all the hair, paint them to match "SKIN" with black nails. Halloween store has white and brown Monster hands with claw nails, paint to match "SKIN"

Weapons, I used a "BONE WARRIOR" sword that resembled the original Sword fromthe 80s. I custom made the Ram Staff from a flagpole. The ram Head was Foamies and HotGlue, about 2 packs of hotglue. Horns were wires and duct tape.

It turned out awesome, have many pics....good luck

(09/28/2004•20:55) thanks alot [edit]WeezeL365 
I was wondering if you could e-mail me some pics that I could use for reference?

(10/16/2005•20:56) Pics [edit]The_Forgotten 
I would love ot see some pics of this costume dutnam. Please send to drs1214@mail.ecu.edu

(09/28/2007•13:34) Pics [edit]Anni 
I would love to see those pics too!

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(10/12/2007•19:52) Pics [edit]hersh 
dude that sounds awesome, email me pics


(10/14/2007•22:18) Pics [edit]ammiller 
I would love to see pics as well: ammiller78@gmail.com

(12/26/2007•17:20) Pics [edit]troyhasfallen 
so could i get a few pics of this please?
im planning on using a skeletor costume for shows with my electronica band.
ill send you pics afterwards to show you how it turned out.


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