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(10/08/2004•14:18) Cardboard horse costume [edit]Moni C. 
I'm trying to make a horse costume with a cardboard body.It will be a visual illusion, with me as the cowgirl riding it.
I need help/advise please!!!!!!

(10/20/2004•21:17) Cardboard horse costume [edit]Marie 
I personally wouldn't use cardboard. It's incredibly weak and can fold in some unusual areas if you're not careful. Have you thought about trying to make one out of foam and a simple frame? You could do a real simple, one dimensional frame (like a cookie cutter), and coat it with thin foam then cover it with fur. If it stays one/two dimensional, then it will be really easy to make. Then of course you'd just add the details - eyes, ears, mouth, mane. That's just my thoughts. Whatever you do, I hope you have fun.

(10/22/2004•18:56) Cardboard horse costume [edit]Dena 
If you go to www.familyfun.com and look under their costume section you'll find one that says "cowboy". If you click on it you'll find a costume of a child riding a cardboard horse. I think it's just what you're trying to do.

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