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(10/13/2004•23:37) Centaur Costume [edit]NinjaRyan 
Does anyone have any ideas on how to make the perfect centaur body for a costume wihtout using another person. like what kind of thigs will i need. Where can i get horse like hair and all that good stuff. i want it to look the best! i am known for my costumes and this one i want to be amazing!!!

(10/15/2004•13:46) Centaur Costume [edit]flxstarkid 
I saw this chick 2 years ago that made her own centaur costume, and it looked AWSOME!!! her hoofs were huge and she had those hind legs lookin bad ass! ever since then ive wanted to make my own, i just need to motivate myself to do it.... so anyway whoever u are u should email me and maybe we can share some ideas! its only 2 weeks left for holloween so we have to hurry!
Alex email: alexguyg@hotmail.com

(10/20/2004•21:24) Centaur Costume [edit]Marie 
I'm currently making this costume! I put most details on the other posting about making this costume. It's kind of long and I'd rather not duplicate. Just scroll down the index page, it's there. You can get great, realistic hair at wig stores. You can buy synthetic ponytails for as little as $15. Long ones too. Check out Sally Beauty Supplies, I know they used to carry them. You can also buy synthetic hair in rows, which are what some women use to weave into their hair. In stores, they look like pony tails, it's just that they're just rolled up. This would also make a very realistic mane if sewn into a seam properly and you can cut it to the length you desire.

Good luck! Read my posting and respond if you have any ideas!

(09/28/2007•22:40) Centaur Costume [edit]sugar momma 
i really want to make a centaur costume
any thoughts?

(09/12/2008•08:10) Centaur Costume [edit]Nightmare 
I make Centaurs, Satyrs, and other custom creations in case you are interested. Please feel free to contact me at:


I can make 2 person ones and 1 person ones.

I can also make...
Werewolves, dragons, gargoyles, and pretty much anything you have in mind!

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