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(10/18/2004•07:36) Some of your ideas on a preditor costume are needed [edit]cling 
I've been tied up in work the past month and jsut now starting my Preditor costume. I was wondering if some of you other people who got some info on building the accessories and body could pass it on to me. I don't know whether to use some kind of foam or the fiberglass stuff. Any body got any ideas/instructions. Also anybody got any ideas on how get the airbrush effect without an airbrush? Still tring to figure out how to make the muscle suit. So much to do so little time!!! -Thanks-

(10/19/2004•03:42) Some of your ideas on a preditor costume are needed [edit]IzzombiE 
I dont know what you had done or what exactly you needed, but I too am constructing a Predator costume. I decided to start the mask first, figuring that the rest would be easier. I made a face mask first, one from a hydrocal negative mold of my face, then used a bald cap for the cranium and blended the two together with liquid latex. Make sure to leave the opening at the neck big enough to get your head out/in again. The only things I actually bought to make it was the liquid latex, and some hot glue for my glue gun, which I used for the teeth, and some rope for the brow ridge and dreads. I probably only paid somewhere under $40 so far (it's continually being worked on). The rest of the stuff I used came from various things around the house. Cotton(roll), cotton balls,toilet paper, pieces of cardboard, nails, sharpened balsa sticks, and lots and lots of patience,time,hardwork, and imagination helps.

(10/19/2004•07:31) Some of your ideas on a preditor costume are needed [edit]cling 
Thanks. I'm actually bought a mask and gloves. Everything else I plan on making. I'm trying to figure out which is the best way to make the shoulder armor/cannon and wrist/leg armor.Im gonna buy some football arm pads and soccer shin guards and constucting the armor over that. I plan on using paper mache over some wire mesh then putting a thin coat of bondo over that to give it some strength. For the shoulder cannon and armor I have no idea yet. It would be nice to have half of a football shoulder pad and construct it around that, but where am I gonna get that? I'm gonna take a very small ald oscalating fan and have it be the base of the cannon. That way it'll be "scanning the area for targets all night. I also plan on putting a laser pointer in the cannon too. Somehow I'm gonna put some lights in the wrist detonator. I'll try and figure out how to control them all and turn them on and off...hopefully. I was really looking for ideas on the muscle suit, the foam muscles and airbrushing it w/o an airbrush. I got an white spandex shirt that I plan on somehow putting foam muscles into. i guess it'll come to me though.Any ideas you got would be greatly appreciated and maybe some of my ides can help you too.

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