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(10/19/2004•07:52) Pac Man costume-any ideas? [edit]Miss Packie 
If anyone has any ideas on patterns or costume construction for a larg Pac man outfit, i would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!

(11/01/2004•23:14) Pac Man costume-any ideas? [edit]hulasula 
I was just Miss Pac Man for Halloween... it wasn't too hard to make. Just take two big cardboard boxes and construct 4 large circles (we used an 18-inch radius). We glued two together so it was more secure. Then cut whatever kind of mouth size you want out of it. Next, cut out holes for your arms (you'll have to test out what fits best). To get it around your body, measure your distance between shoulders and use cardboard squares that should be bent and glue/duct tape it to each circle. There should be about 6 cardboard squares for the mouth (4), and two more around the body, leaving room for entrance.

Then, we got a bunch of yellow felt to cover it all. We did each circle first then filler in the middle. Use black felt for the eyes and red felt for the bow and there you have it!

For more pictures, check out: http://www.uweb.ucsb.edu/~tracy-sula/WebGallery45/index.html
- my boyfriend was Pac Man so there are some of him on there

(11/03/2004•06:24) Pac Man costume-any ideas? [edit]Miss Packie 
I just saw your reply, thank you so much!! That's exactly what my boyfriend & I wanted to do. I wasn't able to go to my Halloween party this year because I had to work, but I am definately going to make this for next year! I went to your website & saw the pix, it was a great help. Many Thanks!!

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