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(10/20/2004•13:33) Help!!! Ideas needed [edit]fuzzywuzzy2224 
I am a big guy and I love making funny costumes. I had 2 good ideas (Giant Milk Carton with a square cut for a missing persons picture on the side and a Centaur Costume)for this year but I am not going to have the money for a big project like either of these. I am looking for a good and some what unique idea that can be done for $40 or less. This is for work so it can not be anything offensive or violent. Just to let everyone know what I am looking to top....Last year, I made a round table top out of foam core with a red and white checkered table cloth over it. Glued on a plastic serving patter that looked silver. Cut a hole just big enough for my head. I cut the face off and gutted a small pig stuffed animal. Put that on like a hat with a pig snout and put an apple in my mouth. Garnished the patter with lots of parsley to hide my neck. Looked Great! I must top this costume. Any Ideas would be appreciated!!!

(10/24/2004•18:45) Help!!! Ideas needed [edit]tinker 
just an idea, i have gone as harpo marx a couple of times, everyone loved it.

(10/28/2004•11:50) Help!!! Ideas needed [edit]Marie 
Okay, I found this website somewhere on this message board and it's really incredible. Check it out. You could keep it very inexpensive if you're creative and have a very large stuffed animal (or know someonw that does...I mean... who likes those darn carnival things anyway) around along with a few Home Depot type supplies and duct tape (always a good cheap adhesive).


Check it out. Lots of great ideas for someone who loves to be the star of the show.

(08/24/2012•06:00) The Belt Hues Of Taekwondo [edit]bqksjmxw 

(08/26/2012•15:23) hi [edit]WahCeamVepe 

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(12/19/2012•01:45) Bob Barker Oil Painting Is On Sale For Millions [edit]wdersoogj 

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(02/15/2013•08:29) Latest Reinvention How [edit]cypedydromo 
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(05/04/2013•11:30) When I was out Looking For SEnuke Xcr Hosting I found This Place.... [edit]BlooffCoema 
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(05/16/2013•15:16) Where Can You Find Good Xrumer Hosting? [edit]BlooffCoema 
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