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(10/26/2004•18:23) headless horseman [edit]lucky 
Can anyone help me with a headless horseman costume?

(09/20/2005•18:40) headless horseman [edit]Terri 
Did you ever get any good ideas from anyone on how to construct a realistic looking headless horseman? My son wants to dress up for Halloween as the character from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but all the costumes we can find made are very cheap in construction, and not really very realistic. Any help, ideas, input, etc., would be appreciated.

(10/17/2005•10:33) headless horseman [edit]lucky 
No didn't find one but i did make one from spray foam ...worked great.....email me at kevinl79@yahoo.com for pictures...I will sell it for the right price!!! however it may be to big as i made it for a adult male....but it will give you ideas..

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(10/21/2005•14:31) headless horseman [edit]buster 
Do you still have the headless horseman costume? I wmight be interested in it. As we have to have one for a hayride. Would like to see it. Thanks

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