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(12/08/2004•06:45) Witch King - Ring Wraith [edit]mrbungle 
Hello, I am very interested in making a witch king costum and was wondering if anyone has some good suggestions for how to make this. I have done some searches online at http://www.alleycatscratch.com/lotr/Nasty/RingWraith.htm

But I am curious to know what supplies ot make the armour and what techniques are best when creating these layered pieces? As well if someonoe has a good idea for how to make the Witch king's helmet.

Thank you,

J. Calder

(01/10/2005•20:23) Witch King - Ring Wraith [edit]KFelidae 
Are you skilled, if only basely, in using power tools? If so, you might consider using foamed PVC to contruct the helmet. It's the same stuff those "Expo" and "Convention" signs that hang off telephone poles are made from. Being plastic, it's waterproof and already shiny. The only downside is that you need a heat gun to bend the stuff. It's not something you can to do without some help.

As for armour... cheapest way is to use paper. Cardboard, cardstock, that kind of stuff. However, it doesn't hold up very well and isn't meant for a long term solution. Pleather is the next choice, because it can look either like leather or like "metal", depending on how it's patterned. If you have a lot of money to spend, use real leather, or even sheet metal. The main caution about sheet metal is that it's very sharp when its cut. You'd have to bend over any edges.

(02/23/2005•19:29) Untitled [edit]homeboy guy 
go to arms of valor . com ,& at halloween time at costume stores there are black hoods you can see out of , but nobody can see in . make black robes with your parents

(05/18/2005•18:52) Untitled [edit]zoro 
well all u realy need is a horror rob a faceelsess mask thye aromor desing form the home page here and the helit deisng from accoseryies good luck

(08/24/2012•22:21) Untitled [edit]LeesBeckham 

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