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(01/30/2005•22:33) Some more ideas for a Predator costume [edit]protzler 
It would appear that a lot of people are having troubles with the body of the preditor costume...and most pictures I have seen on the internet don't do it justice. Here is an idea I have that may solve that...

I made a demon costume one time, and I had the worst time trying to figure out what I would do for the body. What I eventually did, was I went to a shop that sold rubber clothing, and bought a rubber body suit. I bought it one size to big, so that I could enhance the muscle effect with foam. Along with the suit (though this wouldn't be needed in the predator case), I bought a few pieces of extra rubber stock. When I got home, I went to work cutting two holes in the back of the suit (It zipped in the front), and the two pieces of rubber I bought, I molded around 4 pieces of broom sticks (2 to each side, for wings). Then I glued the rubberized broomsticks to the back of the suit, and put the suit on and test fit everything. I wore a cup, so that it concealed my..private region...from the world, and gave me a unisex sort of appearance. When it came time to do the muscles, I shaped them out of the foam, then glued them to my body. Then I put on the cup and suit, and did the face painting, put in the contact lenses I purchased for the costume, and viola, instant demon.

With the predator costume, you could do the same thing. Get the rubber in a green, then, if you have access to an airbrush, paint the yellows and browns on the suit. If you could get a bodysuit that zipped on the side, it would be perfect, but I have no idea if they make them that way. If they don't, then glue a piece of rubber on one side of the zipper so that it flaps over it, concealing it from view. Detail as needed (hair, etc), then do the foam muscle trick I outlined above. When it comes time for the accessories, get a net which has large holes in it (meaning something like fishnet net), and rework as needed so that it's almost a bodysuit in itself that you can put on over the suit.

For the wrist blade things, I can't really help ya with the actual pneumatics of it, but I would use real blades (desharpend ofcourse), which are either always out, or always in. It would make them a lot more stable. But lets face it, real metal looks so much better than plastic...
For the bomb/computer thing he wears on his arm, and the laser on his shoulder, I don't really have any ideas, short of vaccume molding them out of plastic.

What I'm proposing isn't the cheapest of methods...The bodysuit can run around 300 bucks in itself, but I think thats the closest your going to get to real skin, thats actually durable.

Hope this helps some people!

- Paul

(10/21/2005•20:48) Some more ideas for a Predator costume [edit]sToOky 
Actually Paul thats more work than I wanted to do, but great ideas none the less. Where or what is the name of the leather or latex costume store to buy the rubber suit? Its deffinitely the best idea I heard of yet. thx and let me know if you remember the name of the store at where I could laocate a sotr like this that would have that kind of material

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