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(02/14/2005•11:29) Phantom costume for child [edit]Lori S. 
My son, age 6, is obsessed with the Phantom of the Opera. I love the play, movie, and music. I've been playing the music, and he begged to see the movie with me. He now wants a Phantom costume. I've only found adult masks. Does anyone have any idea how I could make a child sized mask? I'd love to make one that is a pretty good quality and would last. Any suggestions? Thanks! He wants to be it for Halloween, I know I have plenty of time, but I want to get started looking for ideas. He may change his mind, but he will still enjoy for dress up. My daughter (8) wants to be Christine. I think it would be so fun!

(03/05/2005•14:57) Phantom costume for child [edit]Ihaveaphantomobsession 
the best advice I can give you is either to just simply buy an dult on and file the edges down to his size... which would take FOREVER! Or you can go on ebay... they have som really neat stuff there... or the make-up way which is the way my first mask was made.... with plaster.... its a long process but it's soo worth it in the end.

(03/11/2005•11:19) Phantom costume for child [edit]trixyloupwolf 
easy...you want a mask made one yourself...
how you say.......
well with news paper ..
make home made glu oterose it wont work so...
after make a lot of piece with the paper....
them find someing that have the form u want..or if you don find just mould your boy face with plastice or even a balloon or else....
then take the piece of news paper and then glu them on the mold u created just put 3 or 4 layers or it will be too (epais) big
and wen its dry just paint and put a elastike .that it
well hope its help...

(07/13/2005•17:53) Phantom costume for child [edit]zoro 
well as most of us have sugested id make one out of plaster of paris and drywall compound good luck

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