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(02/23/2005•13:31) Peacock Costume [edit]Doris 
I'm looking for ideas for a peacock costume. I'm hoping for a vegas showgirl look... any ideas you are willing to share ?

(03/04/2005•16:42) Peacock Costume [edit]liberty123 
I have the same idea & came to this site looking for some tips too. Have you come up w/ anything?

(03/11/2005•11:50) Peacock Costume [edit]trixyloupwolf 
(sorry for my english iam a french girl..^-^)

well try a baiting costume purple one
add a little debardeur....purple one
and then for the big tail thing.....
glu peacok fether on your costume or on anoter piece and then attach it like
angel wing or any other idea

well hope its help

(09/10/2005•17:04) Peacock Costume [edit]Bob 
Wear a purple, green, or blue leotard for the body

Draw a fan shape on thick blue paper or board. Glue long feathers to it and attach it with straps on your shoulders like a backpack.

For a hat, get a small cap (color matching leotard) and glue a tall fluffy feather sticking up straight.

Add tights and high heel shoes.

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