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(04/12/2005•11:38) eel costume [edit]Britt 
My daughter is in a play at school and has to dress up like an eel. I have to get the costume myself and I can not find a pattern or anyone who can make it. Please help.

(04/12/2005•16:27) eel costume [edit]trixyloupwolf 
wat a eel
don know that word yet..
iam french.but tell me i will help....

(04/26/2007•07:43) eel costume [edit]auntcooks 
My daughter also needs an eel costume please let me know if you find one Ill do the same

(05/02/2007•17:12) eel costume [edit]The Armorer 
Use a eel shaped piece of cardboard, Paint green, and put on some straps for support.

-More Ideas To come

(05/02/2007•17:16) eel costume [edit]The Armorer 
An eel is a Marine snake, Slimy and Green, and can emit electric shocks to paralze prey.

On the subject of an eel costume,
Maybe cover the cardboard in one layer of cellophane to create the slimy effect.
Also make posterboard lighting bolts radiating off of the Eel.

P.S. Any Help on Making A Gothic Suit of Armor would help.

(12/02/2013•20:43) CreelfFal chartyloyarce DupGubcoeptob braweebmarons [edit]grewhexigesee 

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