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(05/09/2005•18:10) greek helmets [edit]dude 
my shool is doing a play based on the Iliad and i am incharge of props. could you tell me how to make the crest with the horse hair on top?

(02/08/2007•15:27) greek helmets [edit]Stevo 
i'm also looking for any helpful tips on this ty

(03/20/2007•13:56) greek helmets [edit]greek fan 
measure round head cut carboard tall as eye brows to bottom of neck cut wanted deseighn out corinthian helm) ad top with paper mache let dry then spray paint bronze (horse hair) cut short thick dowel ad to top with glue gun or paper mache then cut two thick carboard layers put together then paint crimson glue on dowel like horse hair

hoplon (sheild) take long strips of costruction paper little longer as diameter of sheild form form circle glue down one circle of carboard 1/2 the size and glue to middle when dry bend the out side to form rounded apearence paper mache down to stop it to unshape paint bronze ad emblem

greaves plastic rap over legs cover wanted shpe paint

spear donít worry entirely paper mache and dowel

(03/25/2007•13:02) greek helmets [edit]The Armorer 
First you take a Broom, Take the fibers off of the broom, and than make a stand out of cardboard and than glue the fibers individually with super glue to Color the Crest before glueing spraypaint with Regualer Spray paint or use fabric paint so it can bend a little. You say you are in charge of props? Then Enlist everybody in the making of the crest, if this dosen't work I an sorry i'm just taking a shot in the dark here.

Hope it works and good luck with the play!!!!!!
P.S. Go see 300! It is a very Cool movie and has pretty good pics of Cornithatin Helmet and the crests

-The Armorer

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