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(05/22/2005•04:08) knight helmet!! [edit]helloyou 
i need a knight helmet, but im not sure how to make it. i have tried paper mache but it doesnt look good. and i cant work with metal. do U have any ideas?

(06/20/2005•16:37) knight helmet!! [edit]Samurai 

I'm researchin it 4 myself aswell. I'll get back 2 u if i find sumthin.


(08/25/2005•09:07) knight helmet!! [edit]PropMaster 
Depending on what activity this helm is protecting you from, here is the fastest and easiest of possibilities.
1.) Take a piece of posterboard and wrap around your head to get the proper dimensions.Ideally the helm should allow 1.5 to 2 inch clearance internally so you don't mash nose or ears and a height that will allow it to rest on your shoulders with a 2 to 3 inch space above.
If this is an open-face helm then the posterboard can be cut out and used as a pattern to mark the side of the helm.
2.) Find a plastic trash can at Wal-Mart's house and office section. No, you won't have to put it on your head in front of a bunch of customers. Simply measure the diameter( top and bottom ) and the height.
If you want a rounded crown on the helm epoxy a plastic bowl of suitable diameter on top of helm.
3.) Mark the type of openings you want for the face of your helm and drill starter holes and use sabre saw to cut. Use fine tooth and slow speed if possible to avoid melt build-up on blade. For a visor, another similar can is used to cut the visor shape. You can use heavy-duty paper fasteners or small, smooth headed bolts mounted from the inside with acorn nuts outside to mount the visor.
A mail coif can be made by placing an open-face ski hood/mask on a wig head and painting with latex/acrylic silver paint.
I hope this idea is helpful. PM

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