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(08/14/2005•10:32) Godzilla costume [edit]jetjaguargirl 
My 6 year old son wants to be godzilla this year. anyone have any information on costumes we can purchase or patterns we can use to make one? i have seen masks, but that's it so far.


(08/24/2005•18:20) Godzilla costume [edit]honeybeee23 
I'm also looking for a godzilla costume for my 6 yr old son if anyone has any info or ideas plz let us know!! Thanks soo much

(10/22/2005•10:28) Godzilla costume [edit]tracalle 
My daughter was Bo zillia (her name is Bo) last year. We used a pair of zip up footed pj's as a pattern (she was 2 years old) cut the pjs apart along all of the seams and cut the feet off. We used a furry hot green with purple poka dots fabric. Made a seperate hood using a columbia brand hat (the kind that velcros under the chin) for a pattern. We attached spikes (two triangels of fabric sewed) together down the back of hood and back of outfit. we didn't make a tail because of the carseat issue, but I dont' think that would be hard to figure out.

(08/23/2006•06:51) Godzilla costume [edit]gmvrangel 
Me too my 4 year old wants to be godzilla

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