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(09/20/2005•15:30) headless??? [edit]fallenangel 
I need help making a headless neck for my son's halloween costume. Papier Mache maybe??

(09/22/2005•15:53) headless??? [edit]aelburr 
Tricky thing getting the headless look... working with a child in the costume ought to be an advantage. You'll need clothing to fit a grown man who's shoulder would be about the same height as your son's head. Style is up to you (or him) but baggy pants or a long coat are needed for the illusion. Then all you need to do is attach the elbows to the waist and pad out the upper arms and make a frame to hold up and fill out the chest area. Poster board and duct tape strapped on with an ace bandage is how I did it when I was about 10. Once you attach the elbows of the coat (or whatever) to the sides with an opening so he can reach through from about the waist and with a little practice on his part you can make a very realistic 'headless' for next to nothing. I used an oversized trenchcoat I got at an army/navy store and a pair of my dad's shoes with socks stuffed into them. I was lucky enough to have sisters who knew how to sew so ripping the seams a little and attaching the elbows to the sides was no problem... I wonder where those pictures went. Bet my mom still has them.

(10/07/2005•22:34) headless??? [edit]hocfocprod 
We did it with a huge shirt and a hanger (padded with newspaper for comfort, use plasic and break off the hook) for across the actor's head for the shoulders. I flesh colored flap was laid over the top and some blood added. He then carried a rubber head I dressed to look like our actor's head by adding a mustache and beard and grey hair. This was for a comedy, so hokey was good.

A piece of black lace-like material (sheer) was drapes under the flesh colored flap and over the hanger.

Latex can be used for the flap or you can make it by mixing white glue with flesh colored paint. Lay plastic wrap over a cleanable surface (you'll need a good bit of room and some ventilation) if you want a neck stump (I wish I had made one) put a cheap plastic cereal bowl upside down in the center of the plastic. Slowly pour the glue/paint mixture over it and let it dry over night.

Good Luck.

Photo of headless at www.hocfocprod.com.deathplots

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