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(09/22/2005•12:29) volcano costume [edit]madhatter 
Has anyone made a volcano costume. I am thinking chicken wire frame with a plaster of paris or paper mache on top. The problem I am coming up against is that he will want to wear it to school and I don't know how to get it so he can sit down. He is in kindergarden so simplicity would be go.

(09/23/2005•10:12) volcano costume [edit]corinna 
a friend of mine was a volcano last year(word to the wise It's not very flatttering on a woman) she just took a brown sheet an cut a whole in the top and painted the top around her neck red and wore a red hat. everyone thought it was a cool idea and every one knew what she was right away.

(10/06/2005•06:23) volcano costume [edit]beedee 
My 2nd-grader wants to be a volcano this year too. I was thinking about just making a cone shape out of posterboard, adding a little texture with paper mache, and painting it to look like a volcano. Are you doing anything with headwear? "Flames" or "smoke" or anything?

(10/06/2005•10:16) volcano costume [edit]momof4 
you know you could probally use the brown sheet idea and cut a hole for the neck and then attached the bottom of the sheet to a hula hoop. That way when he sat down the hula hoop could come up to allow him to sit.

(10/10/2005•10:14) volcano costume [edit]holzone 
my preschooler wants to be a volcano this year too. I can't believe there are other kids who want to be one too! I was going to use brown and red material and a hula hoop on the bottom. He'll wear a brown shirt underneath where his arms show. I also was going to make him a hat (like those crazy fleece ski hats) that looks like plumes of lava shooting out.

(10/17/2005•09:25) volcano costume [edit]isis1 
My 3 year old wants to be a volcano that goes "boom". We haven't figured out the "boom" part yet but we have a small hat that we stuck a flashing bike light on so there is flashing red light. The hat crown is then covered with a plastic top hat from costume stores with the brim cut off. Foam chunks are hot glued on to the outside of the hat crown to be "rocks". Spray paint over the entire thing We glued sparkly pipe cleaners around the inside of the top hat and lots of crepe paper streamers in red, orange and yellow flowing down the back as lava. We also found crepe paper and clear plastic garland at the Container Store gift section to line the inside of the hat crown with so the light from the bike is diffused some what at night and it still looks cool in the daylight.

For the body of the volcano we have two schools of thought One being go to Joanne's and get a sheet of foam and make a cone so little ones can fall down on it and not get hurt. just cut the armholes and it can go on and off over the head.

Use paint and more chunks to make the mountain rocks, some plastic trees etc. Use paper and glitter paint to do more lava flows. My friends are twisted and thought little houses and cars in the way would be funny.

The other idea is to buy a costume cape or just make one from brown felt and sew red, orange and yellow layers of chiffon inside and shred it to make the "magma" so the child can show the inside and merely wear red tights/pants/shorts and a red shirt with "boom!" or something smart stenciled or painted on it. The outside of the cape can be again, covered in foam chunks and spraypainted or just covered in brown/black felt. Kids like to 'swish' around in movable clothes so the cape is also a fun item for them and will still hold some shape.

For the "family" costume my husband plans to go with a t-shirt with a toxic gas warning symbol on it and be the "toxic cloud" and I have the basic black head to toe with some ashes from the trusty bbq pit and a little burned wood to go as the "ash cloud".

(10/05/2007•21:28) volcano costume [edit]Mom 
My 4 yr old boy wants to be a volcano for Halloween.... "so he can throw rocks at people."

His hands will some how be tied together in his costume so that can not happen... and I was thinking of using spay foam on the outside of an old sheet. ?Is spray foam toxic?

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