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(10/01/2005•18:46) pumpkin head ideas [edit]4Amom 
My 10 yr old son wants to be headless man of sorts for halloween. He wants to mount a pumpkin head above his (that glows). I can figure out most of the concept, but he has an additional request. He wants to be able to remove the "head" at the houses to use for his candy

Obviously the easiest way to camoflage the pumpkin head will be to use a hood of a cape over it. I need some help figuring out how to make the pumpkin head easy enough to remove and replace above his own head (maybe I need a stiff hood)and still stable enough that it won't fall off while he is walking. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. TIA

(10/08/2007•16:45) pumpkin head ideas [edit]loganallensmith 
well, i am only 13, but I would paper machie some fake shoulders, and a fake neck. place them on your son, and then somehow use a velcroe strap on both the pumpkin and neck. That way it would be strudy enugh to stay on, but easy enought to take off and store candy in....good luck and Happy Halloween!

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