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(11/09/2005•11:11) I CAN MAKE YOU A PREDATOR COSTUME! [edit]madmax 
I recently built from scratch a full predator costume. I wore this to my local halloween party and won first prize for the competition. As there is so much interest in pred costumes i am thinking of making a few copys of my suit and putting them on ebay. I seen this site and noticed the interest on here, So if any one wants a costume built to thier spec let me know. I have no pics yet but will soon. The discription of the costume is as follows:
AVP head of predator modified with built on dreadlocks. This would take too long to make so its easier to just buy it. Search for pred costumes in google and you will find a few stores that supply it.
Helmet complete with working lasor.
Chest plate.
Shoulder pads coplete with shoulder cannon.
Bomb gauntlet.
Wrist blade gauntlet with working blades.
Spine protector.
Thigh armour.
Belt with attached bum and crotch armour.
Boots and shin armour. You cant walk arond with bare feet. Besides pred in avp has shoes.
Knee pads.
Netted suit.
Make up.
Skull trophys.
Other extras or weapons can be made too.
There is no need for a muscle suit it will look fake any way. Make up is all that is needed. Besides to be a pred you have to have the body for it any way.
If any one wants info, price etc email me on

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