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(02/05/2006•15:23) any suggestions? [edit]baybecheex 

Hi, im looking for a really good halloween costume, scary as u like. I was looking for a female costume but preferably something interesting i dont really fancy going as a ghost or vamp or dark angel or nowt but something from a horror film i can think of a couple but may need halp doing them.

Angelique from hellraiser 4
Ripley from alien (alien bursting from stomach)
Samarha from the Ring

(10/10/2006•12:26) any suggestions? [edit]jerseyguy 
So what we've got here is kind of the horror movie kit, or at least the makeup things. We've got your palette of colors (they're alcohol based they won't sweat off the makeup), a little hair decoration, gel effects makeup for making appliances and nice little wound treatments. One of the things you'll need to know about some of the makeup is that it has to be melted, so you'll need a little heating pot to do it, so be sure you have an appliance set up where we can melt it. What I've got here is just a coffee pot that I've cobbled together. The melting temperature is between 140 and 120 degrees, you can see a thermostat here for that and it goes without saying that you need to wait a couple of seconds before you put it on the actor because they really don't appreciate temperatures quite that high. Powders, adhesives for the appliances, we have the activator for the alcohol base makeup - these things are your friends. And gloves - because most of the stuff, since you're working all day, is going to dye your skin.


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