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(07/29/2006•15:27) Group Costume for 12 people?!? [edit]CurlyJo13 
My marching band has a "section night" where all the sections dress up for a practice. There are 12 in my section, and I thought it would be fun to do a group costume (e.g. The Brady Bunch, The Flintstones, etc.) but I can't seem to think of any groups with 12 people (except maybe the 12 days of christmas...(; ) Any ideas?

(08/09/2006•20:02) Group Costume for 12 people?!? [edit]Akivlam 

You can all be monsters...

Like, sesame street.

or rather WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. there are 6 monsters in there =[

I think twelve is too big to have everyone be different things that all fit together.

You should all be, like, similar things.

Like, a common theme.

You could all wear all black with some weird headress.

or something like that.

(08/10/2006•09:50) Group Costume for 12 people?!? [edit]thegoddess 
You could go as bowling pins, a bowling ball & a bowler... just a thought. You could also try and do the zodiac, but it might be hard finding appropriate costumes. You could try being the months of the year - maybe pick a holiday from each month and each person dresses accordingly (i.e. Presidents Day - dress like a President, 4th of July - Dress up like fireworks, you get the picture). You could try Alice from Alice in Wonderland with everyone dressed up as different characters (like The Cheshire Cat, the Momewraths, the different birds, Dyna the Cat, the Mad Hatter, The March Hare, The Queen of Hearts, The White Rabbit, etc.). For that matter, you could probably take any Disney movie & find enough characters for everyone, if that's your thing :o) You could still do the Brady Bunch, just add in Alice & the Deli guy she dated... I forget his name :oS And then there's always the usuals like Presidents, you could all be hippies at a peace rally, really any group of things like angels, monsters (like the last person said), zombies, chess pieces, checkers, etc. You could be someone famous with groupies; 12 is a lot of people to try and coordinate. Hope that helps!!

(08/19/2006•21:39) Group Costume for 12 people?!? [edit]stopping by 
Pick some theme such as Disney Characters, or fairy tale characters, or a patriotic theme. My school wing does this every year. One year, we were all characters from the Wizard of Oz, one year we were all Disney characters and one year we were all Patriotic symbols: the statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, an eagle, Yankee Doodle, George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Daniel Boone, an army man, a sailor, etc.

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