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(09/06/2006•20:59) Looking for Leeloo Costume! [edit]Leeloo Wannabe 
I'm going to be Leeloo from the Fifth Element for Halloween (Phew! I have some time.). I was curious as to any ideas about her pants. I have the supenders and I can get a top, but I'm baffled about the pant material! What is it? Any Ideas?


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(09/19/2006•19:22) Looking for Leeloo Costume! [edit]Sugar 
Hey, I was thinking about doing a Leeloo costume too, but probably not for a while. I've heard a lot that you can get the pants looking things at dance clothing companies or material stores. They're like tights, or get any color tights or thick tight paints and you can spray them with color spray to be gold. However, how did you do the suspenders? I'm really baffled on how to do that.
Help please?

(10/17/2006•18:51) Looking for Leeloo Costume! [edit]amy 
i am going to be leeloo for halloween also. they sell gold tights at american apparel. its as close that i can find.I'm not so sure about the suspenders. i might just buy regular orange suspedoers from the halloween store.

(10/21/2006•08:46) Looking for Leeloo Costume! [edit]One Man Centaur 
If Im not mistaken which I might be I think you can get Suspenders from a local walmart

(07/19/2007•16:55) Looking for Leeloo Costume! [edit]MysticDraguun 
there is a store online and in DFW area called electrique botique, www.electriquebotiue.com, the actually use to cary a leeloo costume

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