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(09/30/2006•21:49) Pred costume [edit]~THE ARCHVILE 
I dont think im skillful enough to build a predator costume so i was wondering where to buy a full size predator costume with LED lights and a c02 powered wrist gauntlet. full latex outfit and loin cloth with mesh net. and predator staff ill be willing to pay at least 200$ maybe more

-thanks- ^_^

(03/20/2007•15:59) Pred costume [edit]the unknown 
I found that making your own costume works better predator costumes are very hard to come by or at least the full costume anyway.

(07/19/2007•16:43) Pred costume [edit]MysticDraguun 
any decent predator costume like you want will cost atleast $1200. Also if the temp is anything over 30 degrees you will die of the full latex body suit

(08/13/2007•19:03) Pred costume [edit]Paintninja 
Go to:


For all your Predator costume building needs or buy your gear from artists that love the character. And for the record, a costume of epic proportions like that of which you speak will cost more than any $200 or even
$1,200. Try more like $3,000. It's alot cheaper if your artistic and build it yourself.

(10/31/2007•06:41) Pred costume [edit]Urza 
I'll sell mine for $1000

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