Some activity here! Beyond just the new layout, I've finally combined the code + backend database used for forums in other sites. With that in place, I can roll it out for the Halloween Costume discussions. The forum should be not only be a lot easier to use but will avoid all the ad spam from NetBabblers. Previous forum content (minus the spam) is imported as archive messages. Registration is required to post on the new messageboard.


  This was an incredible costume seen in San Francisco at the Castro on Halloween. More pics can be seen at Halloween/Castro '02.       I also got this pic a while back.


Sigh. I have all these ideas in my head for another costume and I even sketched them out in color. However, my company committed my time to revamping the database architecture of our most complicated product and it's now 8 days away from Halloween. This feeling of bottled up ideas makes is driving me crazy.


Here's a picture from puffinslayer@yahoo.com showing off a few of the armor construction techniques. Good job on the wings I must say.            


Haha. I just read the discussion forum and noticed it got spammed to hell. Pretty amusing actually since I myself have been the architect of many spam campaigns and I appreciate somebody who does it by hand. Besides, letting it get to you is the ultimate victory for a spammer.

I have been thinking about getting another discussion board though cuz quite frankly, I think this free service I'm using now sucks. I'll either spend a weekend hacking some software together or maybe just go with EzBoard. The most work of course will be moving the "useful" messages over from the old board. As soon as the new programmer starts work here next month, I should have time to work on that. (Est. June.)

The new programmer should also alleviate enough of my duties where I can work up my next costume for Halloween'01.


Some signs of life! I decided to work on a nicer web design. The old one was rather amateurish -- not surprising since I pretty much threw that together haphazardly.

Item to note: I've split up with my now ex-girlfriend so I no longer have access to the Xena costume. Hence, it will not be possible to update the Xena section anymore.


Ok, I haven't done anything here in a year nor have I kept an eye on the forums. Currently, I'm involved in an Internet startup company and I've been working 70+ hours per week for the past few months. Suffice it to say, my time is rather limited right now. However, I will try to contribute some ideas on the forum now that Halloween is coming up -- no promises though.

Hallow's Eve '99

Did I make anything new for this halloween? Unfortunately no. A few weeks ago, I sketched out some ideas but just didn't have the time to seriously consider it. The only thing I did was to retouch my short sword -- a bit of sanding, some speckling paste and a new paint job. On the otherhand, my old costumes still have some life left in them. Hopefully, there's enough people in this city who haven't seen it yet.

If you found some inspiration in this site, please try to e-mail some scans of your outfit to me and I will post a Halloween'98 gallery.

And oh yeah. Have a great Halloween!


I signed up for a discussion forum at NetBabbler. It's free (other than the advertising you have to look at) so I figured what the heck -- if nobody finds any use for it, I can always zap that thing. Click here if you want to immediately go there and read some rather useless bits of words strung together.

BTW, unless you specify otherwise, any e-mail I receive regarding requests for costume info or tips, I will answer in the forum. I know some stuff but other people know stuff also and perhaps some stuff they know might be the stuff you are looking to know.


Item #1: I've added an additional step in the helmet instructions involving speckling paste. In software terms, this would be a version 1.5 upgrade.

Item #2: I got some pictures of the Xena costume back and scanned them in today. "Xena" is/was back in Texas for a bit but the Warrior Teddy Bear happily filled in for her. You will find the rest of the pictures here.


Updated Xena costume instructions. These should be much easier to understand.

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